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2 September
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Dear (insert your name here)

This is sereigh's icon journal. You'll mostly find icons of bands and musicians I like that I can't find icons of, so I get pissed and make them myself. I figured, hey, if I can't find them, other people can't either. So here they are, screaming "use me!" in a very high pitched voice because that's how I imagine it.

P.S. I don't do anything fancy.

For serious.
- iconcubine


- Credit iconcubine or I will keel yous.
- Don't be a jackass. (No hotlinking)
- e-mail all requests, questions, comments, etc... to the address listed above.

Pretty simple, ey?

+If you're looking for something in particular check out the memories. They're organized.
+The names of musicians I've made icons for or I plan to make them for in the near future (ie. next couple of days) are listed in my interests.
+Everyone can use a friend. If you want to see what i'm up to, add me to your friends list.


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